Different Ways You Can Support Charities with Your Blog

Different Ways You Can Support Charities with Your Blog

Helping others is something that comes naturally to us. Witnessing pain is tantamount to experiencing it yourself. If not all, most people tend to find ways to lessen the misfortune that they see—a universal trait that shows instinctively.

If you are a blogger and you are seeking to find new ways to aid others in need, you must know that you can initiate such good cause by using your blog. Below are several ways by which you can do that.

Provide Content That Mirrors Kindness

Provide content that offers a glimpse of your kindness. Your write-ups should communicate your set of values, interests, and goals. Relevant articles that reflect the goodness in humanity promotes the same benevolence in people.

Blogs are excellent platforms for charitable work. People use blogs to raise awareness, provide knowledge, and promote cultural novelties. Bloggers have the potential to sway their audiences, especially when they have a huge follower count online.

The world is now heavily dependent on the internet for information. They turn to the web to find the latest updates about everything from family news to scientific discoveries to even the solutions to everyday problems. Bloggers can maximize this trend and ultimately bring change to the world.

Collaborate with Like-Minded Groups

Widen your coverage. Collaborate with like-minded websites, charitable organizations, fundraising groups, and media personalities, including the press.

Donating part of your earnings to charity

If your blog is monetized and you’re now receiving monthly income for your efforts, you can simply donate some of your earnings to your favorite charitable institution. You can even make this a regular venture—setting aside a small percentage of your blogging income each month for a worthy cause.

Encourage Readers to Help

You can also ask your followers to help. Many bloggers and website owners embed a “Donate” button in their homepages, requesting voluntary donations for a variety of purposes. You can also set such donate links for your chosen charity. You can either link it directly to your charity’s account or make a separate account to collect money intended for them.

Be an Active Example

Of course, the best approach to promoting change is by being an example. Your audience can be effectively swayed by letting them know about your charitable activities. Touch their hearts with your words. Blog entries about your chosen cause will help open their eyes to the positive changes that spring forth from philanthropic work.

“It is important to lead by example. Most people aren’t swayed easily. Convincing them to help promote change can only be done when they see you doing it, too. It’s about walking the talk, so to speak,” asserts Sarah Gold, chairman of the Prance Gold Holdings & Trust.


Indeed, you can use your blog to help others. Besides setting aside a percentage of your blog earnings for philanthropy, you can maximize your influence and encourage readers to do charity work. Nonetheless, leading by example is essential. You can only create effective, positive change and encourage others to help perpetuate it when you choose to stay relevant to your cause—and that includes remaining consistent in actions and in words.

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