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The Goal of a Trillion Trees: Challenges and Opportunities for Tree Planting

The Goal of a Trillion Trees - Challenges and Opportunities for Tree Planting

The Trillion Trees is a non-profit crusade that is gaining massive traction at present. The United States joined the initiative, as proclaimed in President Trump’s recent State of the Nation address and during January 2020’s World Economic Forum. The said campaign aims to plant a trillion trees worldwide by 2050 to reduce carbon emissions, decontaminate freshwater resources, and create wildlife habitat.

In March 2020, developers of the campaign reported that 14 billion trees were already planted. In America, the World Resources Institute stipulates that the country can plant around 60 billion more trees by 2040. The said number of trees can eradicate over 500 million tons of carbon dioxide annually, a number that corresponds to almost 40% of America’s yearly GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions.

A recent study asserts that the whole world presently contains about 3.04 trillion trees. Consequently, the USDA Forest Service-Forest Inventory and Analysis project argues that there are about 367 billion trees in the United States. A worldwide additional trillion trees can make a significant impact on environmental preservation and climate change prevention.

“Of course, it is important to plant more trees. We need more trees to protect water resources, reduce GHG emissions, and minimize the effects of rapid global warming,” asserts Sarah Gold, the Chairman of Prance Gold Holdings & Trust, a top international trading company that offers innovative tools to improve financial market investment initiatives. “Young people, in particular, must be trained to preserve the environment. What better way to teach them but by showing them that tree planting is just as important for survival as learning technological skills?” Sarah Gold explains.

Tree planting initiatives can, indeed, produce an immediate impact. Nonetheless, it is essential to learn about the opportunities and challenges associated with tree planting activities.

Tree planting opportunities

  • Sparsely stocked forests are excellent locations for more trees.
  • Forest restoration in areas that were previously used for another venture.
  • The agroforestry aims to integrate both forestation and agriculture.
  • Reforestation is an opportunity to attempt new species growth, especially for locations where there is an occurrence of noticeable climate change.
  • Marginal lands can be turned into forested areas.

Tree Planting Challenges

  • Invasive species can be incorrectly planted and may damage and even eradicate endemic ones.
  • Land use change may signify lesser opportunities for housing or residential land needs.
  • Tree species must be in line with planting locations.
  • Correct planting methods must be upheld so that tree survival is ensured.
  • Saplings are vulnerable to browse by rabbits and deer. The protection of young trees must be done.


Indeed, how many are a trillion trees? A trillion trees can mean a better life for everyone, that is. Preserving ecosystems and initiating conservation ventures halt the massive degradation of Mother Nature. Planting more trees worldwide decreases the damages brought about by rapid population growth and indiscriminate environmental abuse. Tree planting poses a variety of challenges, especially in congested areas where almost all spaces are used for residential or commercial purposes. However, tree planting has many rewards as well, and these merits are guaranteed to benefit everyone.

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