Everything You Need to Know About Running Your Own Virtual Community Fundraising Event

Everything You Need to Know About Running Your Own Virtual Community Fundraising Event

There are a multitude of fundraising initiatives that you can start online. Different fundraising platforms are available via the internet, aiming to help people gather finances for various projects and charities. Nonetheless, there are other fundraising activities that you can do. Below are several tips to help you.

Social Media Platforms

There are several popular social media platforms online. These sites are brimming with communities all around the world who interact through post-sharing and chatting. Examples of these platforms are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You may even be part of such groups, owning a dedicated account in some of them.

You can use these platforms for charitable initiatives. These sites even contain specific tools like page and group creation, surveys, and live stream capabilities that allow you to engage your audience. Hence, you can create a scheduled venue and encourage people to join your cause.

Multimedia Sites

There are also other multimedia sites where you can make your account, encourage people to follow you, and gather support for your specific charity. You can post interesting videos, streams, and live chats to speak about relevant niches then convince your audience to help you achieve your fundraising goal. Sites like YouTube and Twitch are examples of these video and streaming sites that you can use.

Blogs and Other Dedicated Sites

Of course, you can create your blog or website as well. Most charitable institutions have their online sites that contain information about their goals, on-going activities, and contact details. You can engage more people when you regularly post updates about your fundraising initiatives, raising awareness, and reaching more people in the process.

“It is important to use a strategic-like approach to fulfilling charity. Our goal is to provide relevant information and tips for solving world problems as a community. Global communities need to focus on technological investments that may ultimately mitigate bigger world issues like unemployment and food insecurity,” stresses Sarah Gold, Chairman of Prance Gold Holdings & Trust. Prance Gold Holdings is a top international trading company that offers innovative investment tools geared to revolutionize financial market deals for traders.


The internet offers multiple venues for fundraising purposes. Aside from specific fundraising websites that primarily focus on allowing people to create their fundraising accounts via their platforms, you can also use regular social media and other multimedia apps to gather support for your specific charity project. You can even build your blog or website, publish information and regular activity updates, and widen your audience coverage to encourage more people to join you for your cause.

Collaborating with other charitable institutions can further increase your follower count and make it possible for you to accomplish your charity goals. For better results, you can utilize all these different platforms and come up with a strategized method of effectively consolidating all efforts to raise more awareness about your cause and ultimately encourage others to start their charity work.

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